Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Hide Your Tummy

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I'm sure we have all experience trying on or wearing clothes where our tummies stuck out
due to improper fit. It is essential that the proportion, fit and fabric all work together with your
body shape for a great outfit..which transforms into having a great signature style.
A lot of good styles can be found at (who I here are collaborating with Kate Moss for their next collection)

1. For women with a little extra in the middle:

The four tops above hide the stomach area you want and has soft fabric that light weight
and not tight around the stomach, which is a big no no. Important rule: if your trying to hide a
part of you body like your stomach, derriere, whatever it is you never put patterns, large prints,
and tight fabric around it. The brown ruffle top has an empire waist strap that brings attention to the waist, the ruffles and detail on the shoulder actually makes the stomach area appear smaller. If you
notice all the tops either bring the waist line up to the rib cage, or has no emphasis on the waistline.
You can easily accessorize these tops into outfits for work, and weekend styling.

2. Evening wear that makes your waist to look slimmer:

This elegant black dress has an empire waist which brings your eyes upward towards the chest and away from the natural waist (the place we want to hide). The stone blue dress is also a high waist dress that makes petite women look longer, leaner and would look awesome with a citrus color like tomato, peach, or a nice creme dress shoe. The silver shift dress I love because the fabric is a linen blend, great for spring and the hemline is above the knees so for women shorter than 5'6, their legs look longer, leaner...paired with a nice stiletto of a contrasting color from the silver.

3. The Body Shaper
A great option is wearing a body shaper that keeps everything smooth and prevents fabric from pulling and it they make them in all sizes, women who want to appear more like a hour glass figure, this is something I highly recommend, your family and friends will notice the difference!
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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog and thanks for sharing some tips now i know what should i wear to hide my belly :)