Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Right Pair of Jeans

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Shopping should be enjoyed, however when taking jean shopping into consideration, we all struggle.
Finding the right pair of jeans requires time and effort which is why writing this article to help you guys to understand your shape a little better.

Below are some helpful tips:
  • Jeans with Pockets help to reduce the size of your bottom, and the further apart the pockets the better. Those who want to increase the size opt for a pair of jeans with smaller pockets, or none at all.
  • Jeans are always that little more flattering and comfortable if they have a little stretch to them. Unless you have a figure like Kate Moss and prefer jeans which are slouchy like the 'boyfriend jeans.
  • Skinny jeans should be worn if you have slim legs. If you are slightly curvaceous go for the straight cut or bootcut.
  • The darker the denim the more flattering. If you go for a washed/bleached look, make sure it runs down the centre of the leg. If you have the bleached look on the bum make sure you look at a back view in the mirror as I can ensure you this usually enlarges this area.
Hope this has been some help to you all. x.
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  1. know what jeans i'll be wearing now.... vvv dark ones!!!

  2. Lol, a few more weeks into my diet and I am bringing out the boyfriend jeans again!

  3. Would love to go around dressed like that, but need to do more crunches